Thursday, March 8, 2012

Brent Hospital prepares to celebrate its centenary

The Episcopal Church of the Philippines has long been committed to offering health services to the people it serves. It has a range of hospitals and health programmes that serve people irrespective of their creed. The Diocese of the Southern Philippines has supported Brent Hospital since its inception in 1914. Through this time the hospital has grown and developed its expertise and now is looking expectantly to celebrating its centenary in two years time. To help set the scene for this important moment, they have produced a video that reveals much of the character and values of the hospital. You can watch this video on YouTube on this link:

Here is yet another example of the belief within Anglican communities that providing health care remains a fundamental element of the mission of the Church. The integrated nature of prayer, teaching and healing seems natural in so many settings. We wish the diocese every blessing as they make further preparations to celebrate their valuable work.


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